What You Need to Know About Maintaining a Solar System

Any electrical system can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing and solar power is no exception. Solar panels can be dangerous to install and repair simply because of their location on the roof. This can make maintaining a solar-panels-1794467_960_720solar power system more difficult than it may originally seem.

Solar water heating panels can freeze up in the winter time. They should be watched carefully for this, though some of the newer panels incorporate a type of antifreeze in the water that helps to avoid the issue. Still, even with the newer systems, close monitoring of the water condition is required in the colder months.

When you are paying for electricity from the grid, the electric company is responsible for keeping everything working. When you become your own electric company by installing a solar system, you are responsible for fixing it if it stops functioning. While most solar panels on your roof will have a 25-year warranty, you may still be faced with out of pocket expenses in labor fees.

Solar panels on your roof can also make it difficult to conduct other roof related repairs. If a new roof is needed, you will have to pay to have the panels removed and then reinstalled after the new roof is in place. This can be expensive and unexpected. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that you will need to purchase electricity again while your solar panels are out of commission, adding to the expense column.

Many of these problems can be avoided from the beginning simply by making certain that your roof is in good shape before the panels are installed and by buying your equipment from a reputable dealer. Experienced contractors are less likely to install your equipment in a manner that jeopardizes your warranty.