How Solar Power Benefits Long-Term National Interests

The United Kingdom imports a lot of its fossil fuels from other countries. The United States does the same, with Canada being one of the larger suppliers. Oil is becoming more readily available with the use of fracking and other technologi2017-636275868546831421-683es but it is an open question what these methods of extracting oil may do to the environment.

As opposed to these forms of energy, solar power is locally produced and will always be available with no harm to the environment. Nations need to make it a priority to no longer be dependent on other countries for the imports or have to develop new means to access new sources of energy.

The demand for electricity becomes greater each year as more and more people populate the planet and move into more and more inhospitable areas, such as extremely hot or cold climates. The result of this ever-increasing demand is that the power grids are often no longer able to answer the demand that is placed on them.

In the summers, everyone runs their air conditioners and when the current generators can no longer produce enough electricity to keep up with the demand, more power is purchased from other countries or the power grid simply goes down.

Solar power units are at their peak delivery stage in the afternoons when the sun is the brightest. This makes it the perfect solution to the demand placed on the traditional generators as people come home from work and either use more electricity to heat their homes or to cool them off. Also, more lights are turned on along with all of the appliances that people come to rely on.

Some might argue that people simply need to upgrade and update the power generators that are in operation and the power grid problems will go away. However, this would only kick the can down the road for another generation to confront and it would be environmentally irresponsible to emit the carbon that would be required to rebuild these. It would also be very expensive.