Fossil fuels have been the primary source of energy for humans for a long time. The problem with fossil fuels is that they bring not only energy, but also a lot of problems, including environmental issues and political conflicts that occur when people and countries decide that they do not want to share or sell the fuel that they possess.

If you are not yet ready to completely go off the grid, but want to contribute to a greener environment around you, there are a lot of things that you can do.

Of all the sources of power available to the humans today, solar power is the most promising and sustainable in the long run.power plant site

What is maybe even more important is that solar power works equally well on big and small scale. It is quite possible that you had a solar clock or a solar calculator that works well to this day and doesn’t need any batteries.

It is possible to start using more of solar energy right away almost for all people because the total amount of solar energy that the planet gets in a day is 35,000 times greater than what humans currently consume on a daily basis. This means that if all people tap just a little more into a fraction of what the sun is giving to the planet every day, society would have no need in other types of energy.

This website is here to help you learn more about solar energy and things you can do with it. You will learn about its pros and cons. You will also find out how to conduct an energy audit of your home, how to buy solar energy equipment and more.